About us

Introducing Banjaran, a beacon of elegance in the world of Indian fashion. For over three decades, we have woven threads of tradition and contemporary flair to dress the women of India in their aspirations. Our journey has been one of evolution, staying attuned to the ever-shifting tides of style, all while remaining rooted in our commitment to empowering the Indian woman’s wardrobe.

As a stalwart fashion house, Banjaran is not just about clothing; it’s about crafting stories of grace and confidence. We understand the pulse of changing trends, seamlessly blending classic designs with modern sensibilities. Our legacy lies in adorning the women of India with what they yearn for – garments that embody their dreams, ambitions, and cultural heritage.

From the timeless allure of kurtis to the regal charm of salwar suits, the contemporary vibes of Co-ord sets, and the enchantment of gowns, Banjaran’s collection is an embodiment of versatility. Each piece encapsulates the essence of Indian womanhood, celebrating the diversity that is the hallmark of our nation.

Our footprint extends far and wide, with our creations gracing retail havens across the country. Banjaran is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of femininity, an ode to the unending spirit of the women who make India shine. Join us in embracing the journey of style, sophistication, and empowerment with Banjaran.

Our Founder

Banjaran’s narrative finds its origin in the visionary founder, Dinesh Kumar Agarwal. During his childhood his father’s grocery store during his childhood cultivated the entrepreneurial seeds within him, coupled with a natural flair for accounting. Excelling in academics, Dinesh’s journey took a pivotal turn when relatives exploring the clothing trade sparked his interest in garment manufacturing.

While pursuing studies at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Dinesh navigated the delicate balance between education and business. Ultimately, the call of entrepreneurship led him to prioritize his business aspirations.

Between 1993 and 1996, Dinesh’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to experiment with various clothing articles. In 1996, serendipity struck as he found his niche in crafting salwar suits. This marked Banjaran’s definitive beginning, as the brand blended tradition with contemporary fashion.

Dinesh’s voyage from a grocery store to fashion’s forefront exemplifies resilience and innovation. Banjaran, a reflection of his dedication, embodies adaptability and excellence.

Today, Banjaran stands as a testament to Dinesh Kumar Agarwal’s unwavering commitment. It symbolizes the evolution from modest origins to a fashion powerhouse, etching his legacy in bridging tradition with the modern fashion landscape. 


Banjaran, inspired by the nomadic “Banjaras” community of Rajasthan, is a celebration of relentless movement and boundless spirit. Just like these wandering souls, a Banjaran woman doesn’t halt. She embodies perpetual motion, constantly on the journey of life.

Our design ethos mirrors the Banjaran philosophy. We, too, are always in motion. Each season, we envision the finest for the Indian woman’s ensemble. Themes intertwine with our heritage, crafting a unique narrative that reflects our culture.

Banjaran, weaving stories with every stitch, encapsulates this spirit. We narrate tales through fabrics, patterns, and textures, reminiscent of the Banjaras’ journey.

Adapting to India’s diverse fashion needs, Banjaran has evolved dynamically for over three decades. Our repertoire spans suits, kurtis, and gowns, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the Indian woman’s style aspirations.